Who is this planner for?

The KAR Girl Planner was created by a woman for women. Whether you’re a brand-new 16-year-old or have 6-decades of driving under your seat belt this planner will help you to learn more about your car so you can plan and track vehicle maintenance and become more empowered at the mechanic shop. 

I’m really new to car maintenance, how will I know what to do and how often? 

Remember, every mechanic once knew nothing about cars either. Although car maintenance and repairs seem daunting at first, with the KAR Girl Planner you’ll know exactly what needs to be done (and when), learn to put money aside before you need it, and feel more confident that you aren’t going to be taken advantage of at the auto shop. 

I’ve always been good at keeping on top of maintenance, can it help me?

Great job! The KAR Girl Planner can still help you track your maintenance and repairs, log mileage and do double-duty in the place of a day-to-day planner so you don’t have to lug TWO planners around (and it’s small enough to pop into your bag or glove box). 

I already have a daily planner, I don't need more to carry!

The KAR Girl Planner doubles as a daily planner (undated monthly & daily, gratitude space, notes, business & personal to-do lists) so this can completely replace both. But if you’re head-over-heels with your current planning system, the KAR Girl Planner is small enough to stay in your glove box (and put a monthly reminder on your phone to go through the monthly checklists). 

What’s the difference between the gold and pink KAR Ladies planners? 

Although there are many similarities, the slightly slimmer Gold KAR Planner was specifically created with the brand-new driver in mind. Along with the same contents as the pink planner, our Gold Planner gives the brand-new driver extra sections such as what to do in the case of an accident. Be sure to add the Gold Planner to your cart when you check out for the new driver in your life. 

I use my car for business, do I need the KAR Planner?

The fact that you’re spending even more time that most on the road means...yes, you definitely should be using the KAR Planner. The mileage & repair trackers will be so helpful for reimbursements.  

I have roadside assistance/husband/brother/boyfriend who does my maintenance 

When an emergency happens you often have less than 60 seconds to take action. Even when there isn’t an emergency, you still want to be able to do some/many things yourself (like identifying color-coded leaks, packing an emergency kit, and keeping track of your car’s maintenance schedule). Who you take your vehicle to for repair however, is totally up to you (if you’re in Orange County though, we’d love to see you). 

I really struggle to get into a routine with car maintenance and often wait until something breaks to get it seen to. How can the KAR Ladies Planner help?

“If it ain't broke, don’t fix it”, right? Unfortunately your car doesn’t operate like that. Learning about car parts (keeping track of the what), organization (keeping track of the when), cost, and finding a trustworthy mechanic are a few reasons why many people put off their car maintenance. The KAR Planner solves all of that for you: You’ll know exactly what parts need to be checked (and when), start a sinking fund to save for routine maintenance and potential repairs, and become super confident going to any mechanic.

Regular maintenance is expensive and I’m worried that I’ll be overcharged. 

We know that women are more likely to be taken advantage of at the mechanic and that’ part of the KAR Ladies Mission - to empower women so they have a better idea of what’s happening in their car. Routine maintenance usually works out cheaper than waiting for something to break (and it’s definitely the safer option, too). Plus, the Sinking Fund tracker will help you to put money aside for maintenance and repairs before you need it. 

How can I protect myself from being taken advantage of at the mechanic?

Did you know that 78% of people suspect they are paying too much for their car repairs? WE are all about empowering you when it comes to your car. You wear many hats and being a mechanic is probably not one of them. That’s my job. The KAR Girl Planner provides estimated price-ranges of services plus gives you the five questions you need to ask your mechanic to help ensure you aren’t being scammed. 

I want to get better organized with my car but not sure where to start, 

It’s easy to put off the things we find overwhelming and the KAR Girl Planner is the place to start. Right in the beginning, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to use the book. Then there are monthly checklists, and lists for every 3-months and 6-months. Don’t forget the stickers to remind you of car-related activities. 

What should be in my car in case of emergencies? 

Be sure to check out the Emergency Kit section plus there is a whole page of notes right next to it so you can add in anything that’s specific to you and your family and location (like extra layers and blankets if you live in a cold climate).

How can the KAR Girl Planner help me in the case of a breakdown? 

Even keeping up with all the maintenance doesn’t mean you won’t have car problems from time to time. If you follow the KAR Girl Planner guidance you’ll have the things you need in the case of emergency, including phone numbers and a charged-up phone. Plus, if you have any kind of leak you can articulate the nature of the problem to roadside assistance (and not be taken advantage of by a tow truck driver). 

I’m worried that keeping up with maintenance is too expensive 

Only about 1 out of 3 people DO keep up with car maintenance but that almost always ends in disaster. Maintenance will usually spot small repairs while they’re fixable and before they cause bigger issues that cost hundreds of dollars and have the potential to leave you stranded. You’ll also love the Sinking Fund Tracker that will help you put money aside for your repairs so that you can