Top Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic

Top Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic

Believe me, I know how challenging it is for you ladies to go to a repair shop and get your cars fixed without getting scammed or ending up being hugely overcharged. I have heard many stories from my customers about how they have been ripped off by car mechanics several times.

Some mechanics intentionally try to rip off customers by up-selling and repairing components that don’t actually need fixing. The worst-case scenario is that they misdiagnose car problems and cost you a large amount of unnecessary money.

Well, the good news is you can avoid such unpleasant scenarios the next time you take a trip to the mechanic just by preparing some car repair questions to ask them. So, to make sure your mechanic doesn’t pull the wool over your eyes, here are 5 questions you must absolutely ask before he starts working on your car.

#1 Ask how much they charge for inspection

A lot of times the mechanic will take your car without saying anything. Then even if you decide not to do the job with them, they will charge you between over 100 dollars only for inspection. So before they actually start inspecting your car, ask them how much they charge for inspection. There are also a lot of repair shops who give free inspection. 

#2 Ask for an estimate

Before they start working on your car, make sure they give you an estimate. When they tell you your car has problems, you need to make sure you get a written estimate before fixing those problems.

#3 Ask if the parts and the job have warranty

A lot of times your mechanic will have parts in stock that are old and don’t include warranty. So ask them about warranty. Make sure you have a clear understanding whether the guarantee is just on the parts or the labour too. Because many a time when you go back to them with an unsolved problem, they will charge you all over again saying there was no guarantee on labour, it was only on the parts. So always make sure you know what type of warranty they offer.

#4 Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Ask them whatever you want to ask them even if it feels like you’re asking a lot of questions. For instance, if they tell you you have a problem with your fuel tank, ask for explanations. Ask follow-up questions.

#5 Ask them to show you the old part

Yes you can do that. For example, if they change your fuel tank, ask them to show you the old part. I have heard stories where mechanics haven’t even changed the old part but charged the customer for it, and it’s sad. Tell them to send pictures if possible. Always make sure they are actually doing the job.

Bottom line

A lot of times we trust too much and just leave our car with the mechanic. We don’t ask questions. We feel like we don’t know the language of mechanics. But it’s just taking unnecessary risk because there are a lot of repair shops and mechanics who will try to take advantage of you. So next time if you have the feeling something is not right, you can ask them these questions to make sure you’re not being taken for a ride. I hope that these questions help you feel more confident the next time you visit a repair shop.

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