Papers You Should Keep In The Glove Box

Papers You Should Keep In The Glove Box

Many of us put loads of items stuffed in our car’s glove box. But more often than not, these are not exactly the things that we might need in emergency situations.

Our car’s glove box is the ideal place to keep all our important paperwork. So, before you hit the road, let’s have a quick review of the papers that you need to have in your glove compartment.

Car Registration Form

It’s one of the important paper that you need to have in your glove box. In addition, It is the only proof that your car has been registered officially with the government and you have paid the required taxes. Always keep it up-to-date because if your car gets pulled over by a police officer, you might be penalised for an expired registration form.

Insurance Card

If a police stops you for something, the first thing he will ask for is your license, registration form and insurance card. A lot of times we don’t have these documents handy. Or worse, when we open the glove box, we find it stuffed with a world of various things but not a single thing comes to use. That’s why, it’s very important ro make sure we have the right paperwork present in our glove box. 

Car Identification Card

We need to have a record for whatever we are doing to our car. It is very important. A car identification card is a form and it is very easy to have it. You can have all the information about your car recorded in your car identification card. 

There is a simple yet compact car identification card in our car Maintenance Planner. You simply put in the year, make and model, vehicle identification number, engine size, oil type, engine oil viscosity, and tire pressure. If you have all this information in your glove box, you will find it all in one place whenever you need it. 

Old Receipts 

Everytime you take your car to a mechanic, they give you receipts that can validate the warranties on whatever job they do on your car. Keep those on your records handy, so the next time they do a bad job, or you find some other affected parts in your car, you can always go back and show your mechanic the receipt. It makes the job easier for both of you.

In our car Maintenance Planner we have a separate pocket in the back where you can keep all the receipts well-organized. So when you open your glove box, the receipts are not all over the place.


You should have some convenient items stored in your glove box such as a hammer, your car’s charger, a flashlight, a phonebook with all the important and emergency contacts, and any other small but useful tools.

Hope this information was useful to you! Let me know in the comments if you have any other paperwork to add in this list of what you should always keep stored in your glove box. Keep following Ladies Kar Care for more automotive tips and tricks! 

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