Ladies Kar Care: An Incredible Journey So Far

Ladies Kar Care: An Incredible Journey So Far

With a rebellious spirit, Ladies Kar Care was founded in November 2016 and had a clear objective, which is to help women to take control of their cars with knowledge, courage and confidence.

It truly turned out to be a great year. We have accomplished great things since we had opened our first clinic last year. We were extremely overwhelmed with the support and enthusiasm shown by our customers. Our first clinic was opened at the shop Kingdom Auto repair in Garden Grove on November 16, 2019 and it was indeed a huge hit – with more than 100 ladies having visited our store. We are proud to say that they all left happy and good looking, with confidence in their hearts. 

Over the course of time, we have become a whole community, changing each other’s lives. Ladies Kar Care’s Facebook community has also grown exponentially through this time. It has been extremely rewarding to connect and be able to help so many women in dealing with their car problems. We are hoping to grow even more with all the support from our community members. So this new year, we aim to expand our community, and that’s why we ask all the members to tell their family and friends about Ladies Kar Care and invite them to join us so that they too can be equally benefited from our services.

We have always believed in delivering a first class experience to our customers who are used to experiencing otherwise. Ultimately, our goal has always been to provide the service necessary for women to feel confident about driving, maintaining and keeping their vehicles functioning at its full capacity. We also worked hard to erase the negative stereotypes about repair shops or car mechanics being dishonest or lazy.

Moreover, with our new Car Maintenance Planner that came up this year, we have managed to help so many women to learn about their car maintenance journey. Committed to providing our community with high quality service and support, Ladies Kar Care has come a long way and yet it still has so many more to achieve. We could never have been able to accomplish so much without the truly amazing community that we have. We need our community. We are here for them and because of them.

Lastly, thank you so much for all your support. May 2021 be full of great accomplishments and new achievements that will bring us a huge success. Happy New Year Kar Ladies!

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