How to Make Sure You’re Not Buying a Stolen Car

How to Make Sure You’re Not Buying a Stolen Car

Buying a used car sure involves significant challenges to deal with. One of these challenges is making sure it’s not stolen. So if you’re planning on buying a used car anytime soon, make sure you do this before you bowl along in it.

It’s no secret that evil people steal cars from hardworking car owners. Thousands of cars get stolen like this every year, often with the scheme of turning them around and selling them. Once a police report is made for a car after it has been stolen, that car will appear stolen on the records.

Now, if you were to buy this car, unknowing that it was stolen, and you get pulled over driving it, you might get into big trouble as it will look like you’ve stolen the vehicle yourself.

However, thankfully, there are many red flags to indicate that the car you’re buying might be stolen. You just need to be aware of those red flags.

This article tends to save you just the hassle by helping you identify those red flags and avoid buying a stolen vehicle.

Every car has a long combination of 17 characters called the VIN number. It is the key to uncovering a car’s history. There are five places you can find this important number in your car.⁣

1. Inside the driver side door jamb (all the way at the bottom).⁣

2. Drivers side interior dash.⁣

3. Front of engine block under hood.⁣

4. In the rear wheel well directly above the tire.⁣

5. Underneath the spare tire.

If the seller is genuine, the numbers on all those places should be identical. There should be no signs of tampering. Run your finger through the labels for it should be smooth to the touch. If it feels scratchy then it may have been tampered with.

Always make sure you verify that the VIN written in the paperwork you’re signing matches the one you saw in your car. The VIN should match the one the seller provides. If it does not, it could be a sign the seller is dishonest.

Once you’ve found the VIN you can go to this website link “” to check if it pulls up as stolen. If the vehicle has been stolen, call the police and report the vehicle. Save this handy guide for future use. Hope that helps you avoid buying a stolen car!

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