How to Get To Know Your Car

How to Get To Know Your Car

Every woman tries to manage all her tasks in their lives. We are Moms, Wives, Daughters, Family and Friends. We are so busy doing life. That’s why we need to know how to know our car.

Before I met Irving, I knew how to do exactly two things in my car: turn it on and turn off the car. I was always busy, and I was not interested in learning more. I knew nothing about cars, and I wanted to know nothing about cars. Let’s be honest, who has time for all that,

But the I married Irving, a mechanic, he refused to let me drive without some basic knowledge of how a car works. He told me I needed to know my car like how I knew my best friend. He taught me the importance to know the details of my car, and you know what? I felt so empowered knowing that if I get into an emergency situation, I know what to do and how to handle it myself.

I feel that every woman should know about her car, and not just for convenience but to be safe. That’s why today I want to share with you how to turn your car in your new best friend .
For some reason after Irving stared teaching me to know my car, I named my car, her name is Blanquita. Well it was like she was part of the family now, so I had to make sure it was in good shape and it can take me anywhere I needed to go.
Blanquita is a 2011 BMW X3 28i 3.0 Liter Engine with all-wheel drive.

What do you know about your car?

It’s very important for every owner of a car to know exactly what type of car they have,
What brand name, what model, and even the trim level.
It’s important when you’re calling about getting service or maintenance on your car to know the following information: Year, Make – Brand – Model.
All this information you should have it in one place. It will make calls and conversations with your mechanic a lot more easer. It will affect what types of fluids, parts and accessories your mechanic needs to use. Just a little detail can mess things up.

So, where’s the best place to find this information?
Hopefully your car has an instruction manual
The next place to find that information would be your registration card
If you have your registration card, then it will have your VIN number
A VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
You can go to
And enter your VIN Number and get more details about your car.
Here are the 10 more important details you need to know about your car:
1. Year
2. Make
3. Model
4. Trim Level
5. Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive
6. Engine Type
7. Engine Size
8. Fuel Type: Gasoline, Diesel, Electric
9. Your Operation Tire Pressure.
10. Your next Maintenance Schedule.

It’s good to keep a printout of this information or keep it on your phone or someplace safe.

Now you know much more about your car, and you can speak with knowledge and authority, if and when you need to call to schedule service or maintenance.

Click here to download this handy PDF that you can fill out and keep handy with all the information you need to know about your car.

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