Black Friday and Cyber Monday Exclusive Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Exclusive Deals

The most exciting shopping days of the year are here! With so many deals to browse and sites to view, make sure you do not miss the black friday and cyber monday exclusive deals from Ladies Kar Care.

Join us this week and get an exclusive chance to shop our limited-edition all-gold car maintenance planner. Plus, an exclusive offer to grab our Kar Girl Journal at an unbelievable price!

We know Black Friday is about giving gifts to your loved ones, but this time, we want you to treat yourself special. Give yourself the gift of confidence and a tension-free driving experience every single day. So just jump on your holiday shopping spree by starting with your very own favorite Kar Girl exclusives!

Our Kar Girls have been LOVING our pink KAR Girl Car Maintenance Planner! So if you haven’t purchased this cute, compact and handy planner yet, here’s one of the reasons why it’s a life-saver:

  1. Find everything you need to keep track of Car Maintenance like a boss! Monthly & Yearly Checks in Calendar. Monitor All previous car repair Activities
  2. The tools checklist on The Car maintenance Planner logbook includes portions of Emergency Must-Haves
  3. Keep track of all repairs done to your car by tracking them in the repair log. This way you will know when it’s time for the next service or repair.
  4. Stickers sheet to add them during the month depending on your car needs.
  5. This maintenance mileage logger you will find back pocket to store any quotes and car-related receipts.

In addition, we created another ‘exactly-what-you-need’ Gold Planner. It includes several new guides too which is truly perfect for your teenagers. Here’s what you can get when you order our Gold Planner:

  1. A complete guide for new drivers.
  2. A seasonal maintenance guide.
  3. Car accident checklist.
  4. Car maintenance table.

You can get this deal exclusively through our Black Friday packages. So stay tuned and make sure you are on our email list! This offer will be sent to our email community ONLY. If you haven’t already, just SIGN UP and SUBSCRIBE to our email list so you can join the community and get the hot deals delivered right to your inbox!

In the meantime, tell us below: are you a GOLD fan or a HOT PINK fan? Leave us a ✨ or a 💓 in the comments to let us know!

To help you become a more confident driver, find out the five basic things you should know HERE.

Here’s wishing all the Kar Girls and mamas out there a wonderful holiday! Cheers!

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