3 Proven Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance

3 Proven Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Cars are considered a necessity because they provide a common means of transportation, whether it is a longer commute to work or a shorter trip to run errands around town. The flexibility and freedom are what people really value and want. Owning one is a thrilling experience for many first-time owners but little did they know that this comes with big financial responsibility. You need to know exactly the engine needs to keep it running longer. If you have been driving for a while, you know how expensive taking your vehicle to the shop can be. A car requires maintenance and repairs which are extra costs to owning a car. These costs include changing car parts, oil and other maintenance repairs.

David Rich, technical director, CarMD said: “Several factors contribute to a state’s average repair costs, including vehicle age and type, how difficult the repair is, required parts, how much time is needed to make the repair and what the repair shop charges per hour. With cost saving on everyone’s minds these days, drivers can reduce the likelihood of unexpected and costly car repairs by staying current on maintenance, addressing warning lights as soon as possible and having repairs made by a trusted independent repair shop or dealership.”

KAR Girl Reminder: Every dollar you save on keeping your car running can be used to pay down debt, grow your emergency fund, pay for your child’s extracurricular activities, or finally take that much-deserved vacation for family.

Here are a few quick ways to make sure you save more on car maintenance:

⁠#1 Preventive Maintenance

To ensure that your vehicle and its mechanical parts work properly, it is essential to check and change your oil regularly, check tire air pressure, and use certain kinds of fuel. Follow the guidelines established by the car manufacturer. As the saying goes. “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

#2 Do Your Homework

You can call multiple repair shops near you and ask for an estimate (for the repair and the hourly rate for labor). You have the right to know how much a repair costs. Sometimes a higher price really does equal better service.

#3 ⁠Do Your Own Maintenance

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic or a car-geek to handle basic routine vehicle maintenance yourself. By doing below, you will keep your vehicle out of the shop and extend its life.

  •  Change your coolant and air filter regularly
  •  Clean your headlights and corroded battery terminals

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Learn more through this video:

Wondering what’s under your car hood and some parts you should be checking periodically? Check the video HERE.

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